jueves, 11 de noviembre de 2010


A young man, from the top of a light house, looks to the sky, he says:
-android: rain down...rain down on me
-god: ...
-android: come on, rain down on me
-god: you are not a creation of mine
-android: please god, for the great height, rain down
-god: ...

The young man still looking to the sky
-god: how a creature created by the man ask me for such suicide
The android looks down
-god: why do you ask for that?
-android: please...rain down and kill me
-god: don’t you say anything else, do you know what a pray is?
-android: ...

The android looks around, while God looks at him.
-god: why are you in silence now?
-android: God loves his children.

The sky stopped and the android turned his head and eyes to the sky again
-android: yeah, god love his children... Rain down and kill me.

Suddenly God sees the android drop a tear, and says
-god: for your great faith, it might be done.

The android closes his eyes and the sky moves again, then a great rain starts all over London, a rain that makes flowers and trees born in the middle of a big city of buildings and factories. The rain is intense and wets completely the sad android, immediately the android opens his eyes and realizes that nothing has happened in his operative system, he looks his hands and looks, with his own eyes, that God has made a HUMAN BEEN of him. He won’t die any more.
-android (human): now, what`s that?

Mitchel Lanazca V.
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