sábado, 10 de abril de 2010

Where the sea can sleep and the moon dance waltz.

I would wish to be there, where the olives have silver color. I would wish to be there, where the birds are crystal; and never break. There, where the sea can sleep, the clouds dream about the green grass, and the moon dances the waltz.

I wish to sing millions songs of peace and to smell like alcohol. I wish to wish love and liberty to my soul. Heart and heat to my neighbors. And a brain that could wish too.

And of my imaginations. I wish to imagine everything that John Lennon wished. I would wish to be there and to hear the Mountain Sermon and the songs from my list.

I would wish to be like Mandela, Teresa and the little french. To love like my Lord and to have the hungry of Ghandi.

I would want love, fly, scream, sing, dance, play, feel, smile, to roam, to roam, to roam and more love.

Por: J. Osambela
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